The Miracle Of Human Creation

Hormones Can Differentiate the Sexes

The hypothalamus takes the first necessary steps to bring males and females to the stage of puberty by sending the Gn-RH hormone (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone) via the bloodstream to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland begins its function on the command of the hypothalamus and starts to send hormones which will activate the reproductive organs. These are the LH (luteinizing) hormone and the FSH (follicle stimulating) hormone. Each of these hormones is secreted in both men and women, but their effect is different.

The hypothalamus causes the production of sperm in men (left) in cooperation with the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland and the testes. The hormoneproduction in women (right) involves the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the ovaries. These biochemical operations particular to men and women demonstrate the existence of an intelligent design and plan.

In spite of the fact that the same hormones are secreted in both men and women, it is most surprising how totally different their effects are. For example, in women, the FSH hormone stimulates the production of the egg; in men, the same hormone stimulates the production of the sperm. In women the LH hormone ensures that the egg is discharged on its way to the uterus and that another hormone called progesterone is secreted by the female reproductive system. Progesterone is used to prepare the uterus for the baby. The same hormone performs a totally different function in men, stimulating the cells for the secretion of the testosterone hormone. Testosterone produces the male characteristics and assures the production of sperm.

In this illustration we see the molecular and crystallized structure of the progesterone hormone (1), and below, we see the molecular and crystallized structure of the oestrogen hormone (2). It is evident that these hormones, composed of a few atoms, cannot, by their own will, plan the changes that take place in the human body. It is Almighty God Who created them and gave them their wondrous functions.


Have they not looked into the dominions of the heavens and the earth and what God has created, and seen that it may well be that their appointed time is near? In what other revelation will they believe, those that deny this? (Qur'an, 7: 185)

It is certainly interesting to consider that same hormones are produced in different bodies according to the same formulas but cause results which are totally different from one another.

DNA contains all the information relative to a human being and is found in the nucleus of every one of the approximately 100 trillion cells in our body. Within a cell, DNA is organized into dense protein-DNA complexes called chromosomes. In the illustration on the right, it can be seen how chromosomes are packed in the cell. The design in DNA is one of the best examples of the perfection of God's creation.

When a hormone is secreted in a male body, it knows that it belongs to a male and makes the appropriate changes. For example, testosterone causes the development of muscles in the male body, it makes the voice deeper and the beard grow.

The same hormone is secreted in the female body according to the same formula but, in women, it causes almost totally opposite results. A hormone that gives a female voice to a woman and a male voice to a man and that can adjust the development of the body according to the sex, is a hormone that can distinguish between the anatomy and chemistry of a male and female body. The fact that a hormone possesses such knowledge means that it has intelligence and must have received instruction.

Many people do not even know about the influence of hormones on the male and female reproductive organs, the inter-relations among the cells or how the bodily functions have been put into operation. They have no idea of the body's chain of command, the sending and delivering of the messages, that the development of the body depends on these commands, and that the slightest hitch in the functioning of the system can have fatal consequences; nor do they have any control over this functioning. It is not at all unusual for a person who has not had special training in this field to be unaware of these things, but the fact that a group of molecules has this knowledge is incredible.

How do the hormones, seen below with their molecular structures, come into being and be in possession of chemical information? How is it that, not content just to know the chemistry of the body, each one, like a chemist, uses the knowledge it possesses, applying it to the areas of the body where it is required? How do they direct other cells to produce the requisite hormones at the time they are required? How can this unconscious mass of molecules have the intelligence to do all these things? It is clear that the molecules called hormones cannot have this intelligence. It is evident that all these processes could not come about by chance by any other such random operation.

There is only one explanation for this: the biochemical processes by which males and females are given their separate characteristics show the existence of a deliberate plan and design. This design is the work of the supreme intelligence of God. What a human being must do is to think very deeply about this flawless art and to submit to the Lord Who is the supreme ruler of everything.