The Miracle Of The Immune System

Top Heroes: The Lymphocytes

The lymphocytes are the main cells of the defence system. The intense war in the body can only be won with the strenuous efforts of the lymphocytes. The life stories of these cells are full of incredibly interesting and wonderful stages, each of which, standing alone, is enough to demonstrate the decrepit nature of the theory of evolution. 

These bold warriors are present in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, salivary glands, spleen, tonsils and joints. The lymphocytes are primarily present and produced in the bone marrow. 

The formation of lymphocyte in the bone marrow is one of the most mysterious events of biology. Here, stem cells rapidly pass through a number of biological stages and take on a completely new structure by turning into lymphocytes. (A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that gives rise to a specific specialized cell, such as a blood cell.) When it is considered that, despite the great developments in genetic engineering, the transformation of even the plainest microbe species into other similar species is considered impossible, the mystery of this event, which takes place in the bone marrow, becomes even greater. This mystery, unsolved by science to date, is a very simple process for our body. For this reason, many evolutionist scientists have confessed that natural selection or mutation tales cannot account for the mystery in such a transformation. Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy stated that a complex cell like the lymphocyte, which carries almost all the responsibility of the war, could not have evolved from a simple cell: 

Complex cells have never been generated from primitive cells through an evolutionary process as recently suggested. 7
This fact is actually very well known by the scientists of our day. Yet, obviously, when they accept this fact, they will equally be obliged to accept the existence of a Creator. This is something which most of them are very reluctant to do. 
The world renowned biochemist Michael J. Behe states that evolutionists disregard some facts for the sake of denying the being of God:
Also, and unfortunately, too often criticisms have been dismissed by the scientific community for fear of giving ammunition to creationists. It is ironic that in the name of protecting science, trenchant scientific criticism of natural selection has been brushed aside.8
Lymphocytes, the products of this mysterious transformation, which is one of the facts ignored, play a very interesting role in the defence system. They check on the body cells several times a day to see if there are any sick cells. If they find any sick or old cells, they destroy them. There are almost 100 trillion cells in our body and lymphocytes make up only 1%. 

Now, imagine a country having an exceedingly high population, around 100 trillion. The number of health care workers (lymphocytes) would then be 1 trillion. If we think that the world's current population is some 7 billion, the number of the people living in our imaginary country would be almost 14 million 285 thousand times the world's population. Would it be possible for all the members of a country with such a high population to have a check-up one by one, and moreover, several times in the same day? 

You will surely say no, but this process is carried out in your body every day; lymphocytes roam throughout your body several times a day to do a health check. 

Is it possible to attribute the extremely organized operation of such a great mass of living beings to coincidence?

Can coincidences account for each one of a trillion lymphocytes assuming such an arduous and demanding task?

Certainly not!

God, the Lord of all Worlds, created each one of these one trillion lymphocytes and charged them with the responsibility of protecting man. 

Lymphocytes play a very important role against major infectious diseases such as AIDS, cancer, rabies and tuberculosis, and serious ailments such as angina and rheumatism. Of course, this does not mean that lymphocytes do not have any role to play with other diseases. Even the common cold is nothing but a combat fought by the lymphocytes to keep those very dangerous common cold viruses away from the body.

The human body can defeat many of its enemies by using antibodies. This may lead you to wonder why lymphocytes intervene in the war directly when they already make a considerable contribution by producing antibodies. However, some microbes are so deadly that very strong chemical toxins are needed for their removal. Therefore, some lymphocytes use these chemical toxins and directly participate in the war. 

How then would the defence system stop these enemies?

First, chemists and a laboratory would be needed to produce the toxin. The structure of the required material is too special to be formed by coincidence. God, Who knows that the human body will face such an enemy, or rather, Who created such an enemy for man to take warning, has also given the lymphocytes to synthesize this toxin.

So, is this chemical material satisfactory? 

No, because this substance cannot freely circulate in the blood, as this would mean the death of our own cells as well. 

How then will this toxin be used without causing any harm to our cells?

The answer to this question is hidden in the perfection of the creation of the lymphocytes. Toxins are placed in sacs located in the cell membrane of the lymphocytes. This helps the chemical weapon to be used easily. The lymphocyte injects this toxin only when it contacts the enemy cell, eventually killing it. 

The lymphocytes come in two types: B cells and T cells.

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